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…to travel more during our post-pandemic era, we continue to publish excerpt from emails to our readers requesting help with their travel plans.

Date of traveling: May 2023
Travel Days: 14
How many of you? 2
Personal Interests: Food & Wine, History
Areas of Italy you would love to visit: Venice, Florence, Rome, Tuscany wine tours, Amalfi, Sorrento
Preferred method of transportation: High-Speed train
Budget per person not including flights: $5,000 – $6,000
Note: It is our honeymoon so we’d love the full experience


In a couple of weeks you can definitely visit what you included in your wish list. Start from Venice where you can land with a flight from North America. Spend a couple of nights relaxing in one of our great partner hotels with a balcony on a canal and take one of our excursions aimed to show you this unique city from a local prospective, less “touristy” if you want.

An efficient network of high-speed trains connects the major cities in Italy. My next suggested stop for you, Florence, is just a couple of train-hours from Venice. Florence can be your base from where you can explore the north part of the region of Tuscany. I suggest to choose among the area of Chianti Classico (wine), San Gimignano (history), Lucca (art and architecture), Montecatini (spa) or Garfagnana (nature and food), just to name a few!
After that, move a little bit south and spend a couple of days to explore the south of Tuscany, in particular the UNESCO paradise of Val d’Orcia with spectacular scenarios and villages as Pienza= best pecorino cheese area, Montalcino= best wines,… and many more.

Rome and the Amalfi coast can be your final two spots. Reserve 3 to 4 days each. In the Amalfi coast, Sorrento has more choice of hotels, while Amalfi and Positano are smaller, more expensive and equally beautiful. Many of our partner hotels have balcony on the sea that I really suggest for a spectacular experience just for you on your honeymoon! Rome is my city AND the city where I got married. I can write a book about it. Definitely this is a magical city to spend 2-3 days during your honeymoon. However, this email is long enough, so I stop here!

This is just an idea and a starting point to plan your honeymoon. Please know that we can discuss every detail in order to meet your travel needs and budget. Let’s schedule a video meeting so I can show you on a map what I have in mind for you.

— Antonio

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