For my trip to Emilia Romagna at the end of March- would you recommend visiting Ravenna or it is primarily a beach town where businesses wait for warm weather to open?

Nope! Ravenna is not just a summer destination! This is a very nice town to visit in every season. It is full of history, art and architecture and a wonderful array of churches and Basilicas really worth a visit. Cafes and restaurants are full with locals every day and evenings until late. Actually for me Spring is the best time to visit Ravenna. On the contrary, the coastline’s towns (from Marina di Ravenna to Cervia and Rimini) are mainly summer resorts. They are also really nice to visit but consider that many businesses will be closed. In April (starting from Easter weekend) they start to re-populate.

A word on their inhabitants: I really love the Romagnoli! Warm, polite, great cooks, lover of the “dolce vita” and with a dialect that puts me a big smile on my face when I hear it. Don’t forget that this is the Italian “head-quarters” of home-made pasta. Try the Cappelletti Romagnoli for example. You won’t be disappointed! And for a quick lunch stop at a Piadineria to try the local Piadina Romagnola, a flat bread made with white flour, olive oil, salt and water that I simply devour when filled with prosciutto crudo and Squacquerone cheese. The best cheese. Ever.

If you have an extra day or two to spend in the area, don’t forget to visit the town of Ferrara and the area of the Po river delta. A UNESCO paradise if you like medieval history, nature and fish cuisine.

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