To Inspire our readers to travel more during our post-pandemic era, we continue to publish excerpt from emails to our readers requesting help with their travel plans.

Date of traveling: February 2023
Travel Days: 7
How many of you? 2
Age group: 18-30 and 31-50
What would you like to see and do: Fun, chill romantic time
Budget per person not including flights: $3,000 – $4,000

Italy in February is romantic, yes. Perhaps less on the “fun” side. Consider that it is still winter. You will have short days, although getting longer and it can still be rainy and overcast in many areas. One advantage point is that hotels and iconic sites are more affordable AND you will have less tourists around.

If you could travel around mid February, you hit the magic atmosphere of Carnevale. For example, in 2023, Tuesday the 21st is “Martedi’ Grasso” (Mardi Gras), so if you adjust your travel dates accordingly, you could be in the middle . In Italy we celebrate Carnival very much. You could definitely combine fun and romance in Venice during the famous Carnevale di Venezia.

Carnival aside, I have two choices for you for a perfect week in Italy in February:

1) Visit cities, focusing on art cities in particular. Cities in Italy are always bustling. There is always a great vibe. Being high-density population, cities are always busy with locals, traffic, shops and markets. I am not sure how many times you visited Italy but I can suggest Rome and Florence, or, if you have been there, then visit Urbino, Bologna and Ravenna. Three of my favorite location on the north-east side of the peninsula.

2) As a second choice, not related to city, I suggest to visit Sicily. This is the most southern point, therefore warmer and sunnier (usually!). Plus you get to enjoy the beautiful sea breeze and enjoy great fish cuisine, history and architecture. From the main city of Catania to the snow-covered Etna volcano. From Syracuse‘s astonishing baroque architecture to Palermo‘s street food: Sicily has it all!

— Antonio

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