Antonio Mauriello

President, CEO

A visionary and absolutely in love with all things Italian, native Roman and award-winning sommelier Antonio Mauriello founded Savour Italy in 2006 from a project born after taking a few of his new Canadian friends to tour his favourite vineyards of Italy.

As a boy, Antonio travelled by train from his home in Rome to the countryside every summer. The more he learned about Italy’s rich cultural landscape, the more he grew to love his home country. In 1995 Antonio graduated from the Associazione Italiana Sommelier. When he moved to Canada in 2000 at the age of 35, Antonio started sharing his knowledge of wine and food with many friends and began organizing and leading specialty tours in 2006.

Antonio is a past director of the National Capital Sommelier Guild, sommelier consultant to the Italian Trade Commission and the Italian Embassy and professor with the Algonquin College Sommelier Ontario Accredited program in Ottawa. He is the founder and former owner of DiVino Wine Studio, a well recognized restaurant focused on Italian regional cuisine. Antonio was the proud recipient of the 2009 National Capital Sommelier Guild Wine Person of the Year award.

Savour Italy captures Antonio’s passion for the many traditions that make each region of Italy so special.

Nina De Giovanni

VP Finance

Nina likes to be behind the scenes and to manage the business side of the company. Except…when you present her an opportunity to talk about art, architecture and history. Then her eyes change size and you will get the real passion out of her. She often travels to Italy to refresh her origines by visiting her parents’ native region of Puglia, as well as lead art and architecture specialised groups.

“Quando torno in citta’ d’arte come Firenze non esiste piu’ niente per me….neanche mio marito…!” — Nina

(When I go back to art cities like Florence, everything else becomes secondary… even my husband…!)

Coltura De Giovanni

VP Operations, Quality Control, Client Relations

With a fantastic range of skills, from strong attention to details to customer interaction, Coltura joined the Savour Italy team to supervise all the itineraries and group tours and guarantee consistency and quality in delivering that special trip of a lifetime to each and every client.

“I was terrified when Antonio showed me the incredible multitude of details he controls when he puts together a travel itinerary! With his guidance I was able to successfully integrate myself into the team that I now consider the best I ever worked with…” — Coltura

Sara DiCarlo

Tour Design Lead, Travel Specialist

With strong roots in the Italian central regions of Abruzzo and Lazio, and 5+ years of experience in the hotel industry, Sara brings passion and expertise to Savour Italy’s growing team. Based at the Ottawa headquarters, her role is to supervise and support the entire team as well as our prospective clients. Sara designs and develops proposals and tailor-made itineraries and provides creative content for all marketing and website materials.

Francesca Pomponi

Italy On-site Welcome Desk, Buyer

Francesca is a graduate in Language and Modern Literature from Universita’ Tor Vergata in Rome. Her love for travel and tourism brought her to attend several post graduate studies and contracts, and made her happily land at Savour Italy Tours.

She is now based at the Savour Italy office in Rome, and travels the Italian peninsula in search of the best hotels, sites and activities to propose to our most valuable clients.

Bryan Orlando

US Outreach & Sales

Bryan is the latest team addition to Savour Italy Tours, bringing with him many years of experience in the hotel industry, custom tour planning and operations management. With an associate’s degree in Hospitality & Tourism and having lived 12 years in Italy between Rome and Calabria, he has many years of invaluable experience and will expertly guide you through your extraordinary Italian travel experience. Bryan is based in New England and oversees US customer outreach and sales.

Elizabeth Cirio

Tour Designer, Tour Director

With a powerful, warm and contagious smile that constantly inspires our travellers, Elizabeth has years of professional experience in leading tours through Italy and Europe. “Eli” was born in Turin and now lives in England, although often on the road. “E’ la vita che ho scelto e la migliore in assoluto”- “It is the life I have chosen and the best ever”, is one of her most expressive lines, showing strong passion in being with people, constantly vigilant and detailed about the itinerary and her beloved clients that feel safe and cheerful with her at all times.

Dominique Lemieux

Tour Designer, Tour Director

Strong travel experience. Innate love for the Italian language and Italy’s genuine people. Great communicator and attention to details. This and much more is what makes Dominique a perfect tour designer. Dominque spent many months in Italy studying the language, history and food. Together with Antonio, she is the creative mind behind some of the Savour Italy’s travel itineraries.

“Ho la pelle d’oca quando mi vedo circondata da visi felici durante i tours… tutti uniti da una magica atmosfera di curiosita’ e voglia di scoprire cose nuove!…” — Dominique

(I have goose bumps when I see so many happy faces during the tours, as well as the chemistry that rises from curiosity and discovery!)

Laura Rizzi

Archaeologist and Cultural Liaison

Laura was born in Milan where she attended school and began a degree in Classic Archaeology. She fulfilled a wish to move to Rome to complete her studies, and has been living and working in the Eternal City since 2001 as Professor of History of Art and Archaeology, and a licensed tour guide. Laura’s incredible curiosity, passion and professionalism add a lot of flavour to our design team and she helps fulfill our guests’ requests and desire for unique itineraries and activities.

Rosanna De Bernardis

Customer Assistance, Tour Director

Rosanna has been working with Antonio for many years, proudly showcasing her home town, Rome, as well as her surroundings in the region of Lazio. She guided many Savour Italy groups and individuals through the major tourist landmarks of Rome (Rosanna is the best expert you can find for the Vatican and Sistine Chapel). Each client becomes her friend…eternal, like her city!

“La mia passione? Passeggiare con i miei amici turisti nelle vie della mia Roma diversa e unica, lontano dalle vie piene di turisti!…” — Rosanna

(My passion? To stroll with my ‘friend’ tourists in the small streets of my Rome, so different and unique when far from the tourist beaten paths!…)

Mamma Vilma

Chef, Culinary Tour Designer

Antonio and Nina met Vilma many, many years ago in her tiny pasta shop during one of their trips to Tuscany. From that moment something magical happened. Vilma has been offering pasta making classes and culinary demonstrations to Savour Italy clients since then and work in partnership with Antonio for different culinary itineraries in Tuscany.