Milano is a very unique city, in the sense, you can be a tourist and at the same time, you can blend in seamlessly with the locals. Being from Rome, I always felt that Milano was a different, cold, business city. However, every time I go, I’m made to reconsider these thoughts…

I always feel totally immersed in the city. It’s fast and dynamic pace ooze efficiency and class. A walk in a park amongst modern and old buildings, a light “apericena” in a modern-vibrant enoteca or a visit to Eataly makes you feel you will never run out of places to see or things to do. 

The diverse aspects of Milano appear in everyday life, even the simplest of things. Take one of the city’s many trams for example. There is the old and the new. Do you feel like jumping into the past? Or do you want to experience a more modern, high-tech life? You can go with your mood of the day…

If you know me, you know that food is always on my mind… one of my preferred places to eat, is of course, Eataly in Piazza Venticinque Aprile, or one of the nearby outdoor restaurants and patios in Corso Como.

Take a stroll along Corso Como, heading north, and you will find yourself in the middle of one of the most modern complexes of Milano (Piazza Gae Aulenti), where you can also find the “Bosco Verticale” the “Vertical Forest”. A famous condo tower with trees on every floor, the latest expression of ‘sustainable architecture’.

If you want to eat inside, two of my favourite restaurants in the area are: Ex Mauri Via F. Confalonieri, 5 and Ratana’ – Via Gaetano de Castillia, 28

As for hotels, I like to stay near the Stazione Centrale train station. I find it well connected to the modern outskirts of Milano as well as to the historical downtown core. The subway system is very efficient and not expensive. When I travel for business, I can easily find everything in this area, from the local supermarket for my “mozzarella and alici”, cafes/restaurants for light dinners, to the barbershop with the Neapolitan owner (BELIEVE it or NOT, I also need them from time to time!)

Yes, Milano can be grey and rainy at times, but it has a warm beating heart. An attractive mix of people, things to do, history, food and wine.

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