This morning we left the beautiful Hotel Carmine and took a stroll into in the local fish market in Marsala.  From shark to shrimp, squid to sardines, there was no shortage of seafood from which to choose.

The “pescivendoli” or fishmongers had been there long before we arrived.  Their displays were full of amazing varieties of seafood of every shape, size and colour.  This part of Sicily is known for it’s tuna and there was no shortage of that – every quality level was available for sale from light pink tuna to deep red sushi grade.  

Monkfish – also known as the world’s ugliest fish – was also on full display and did a fine job of living up to it’s reputation!  There were oysters, tiny squid, huge shrimp, mackerel, codfish and pesce San Pietro (John Dory).  That’s just a fraction of the selection!  For a fish lover, this was a great way to start the day.