Today’s destination – beautiful Sicily.  We drive south through Calabria to take the ferry across the Strait of Messina.  We were loaded and within minutes the ferry pulled away from port.  The half hour ride was lovely with the wind and sun and the crystalline blue sea all around us.  We arrived in Messina and as quickly as we were loaded, we were unloaded!  

Giuseppe our driver knew where to get the best cannoli so Antonio called ahead to make sure there were enough for everyone.  We stopped in the main square, Piazza del Duomo, to enjoy our afternoon treat.  

This piazza boasts the biggest and most complex mechanical and astronomical clock in the world.  In 1933 the astronomical clock was installed on the 200ft tower and at noon every day the bells start to chime and a lion roars, a rooster crows and statues move around the top of the tower.  The entire show lasts 12 minutes!