Did you know that Italy’s food and agricultural sector represents more than 11% of the country’s GDP! Recognizing this economic driver, the city of Bologna in partnership with the creators of “Eataly”, have just opened a massive agri-food theme park on the outskirts of the Italian “food city”. This theme part is called “FICO-Eataly World”. The acronym FICo stands for Fabbrica Italiana Contadina (Italian Agricultural Factory). In the Italian language its really a double entendre as ‘fico’ is a fig (yes, from the fig tree!), but it also means ‘cool’ in Italian slang.

START YOUR JOURNEY FROM FIELD TO FORK is the tag line of this first park entirely dedicated to Italian food. Visitors can follow food production from the field or barn, right to their plate, learn all about it and of course, taste it.
The site covers more than 1 million sq ft of space and includes restaurants and bars, production areas, gardens and barns housing everything from cows to chickens. 

Bologna is very easy to get to from every corner of Italy, since it is the hub of the high speed train line that connects the central capitals of Rome and Florence with busy destinations like Milan and Venice.

Ciao e Buon Viaggio!

Download the FICO MAP