Happy BEFANA! (the Epiphany of January 6 is a very popular celebration in Italy)

While thinking to all kids in Italy opening their gifts, I would like to share this recent announcement from the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage:

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, inaugurate 2018 The Year of Italian Food, with a social campaign entirely focused on food and signature dishes, those made with tempera and light and dark, marble or ceramic, beautifully rendered to conceive scent and taste.

The Instagram account @museitaliani posts and shares about 50 digital posters, among which are the Karo stele at the Egyptian Museum in Turin, The dinner with weeding by Gherardo delle Notti, the Still Life with peppers and grapes by Giorgio De Chirico, as the sculptures by Darren Bader at the Madre Museum in Naples and the advertising posters at the Salce Museum in Treviso. There are also the Last Supper by Leonardo, the frescoes of Pompeii, the still lifes of the Villa Medicea of Poggio a Caiano and the paintings of the Neapolitan School.

The rules of the social campaign do not change: the communication campaign is again an invitation to visit the more than 420 museums, archaeological parks and places of Italian culture, to look for, photograph and share the theme of the month, with the hashtag #annodelciboitaliano.

The 2018 Year of Italian Food was announced last June by Ministers Franceschini and Martina. It will enhance and promote the interweaving of art and landscape food, which represent the best cultural attractions of Italy. 

Sharing photos will become a collective activity that, through food, will also tell the story of Italian society and the evolution of taste, highlighting how food and wine are part of the country’s cultural identity.

All the posters of the January campaign dedicated to the # annodelciboitaliano are available here!