Blessed with rain, wind, sun and wine!  The group met a 9am sharp to head to our first winery of the tour – the beautiful Feudi San Gregorio located in the heart of Campania in the town of Avellino.  

Our wonderful and knowledgeable guide Lyllian Mele took wonderful care of us showing us all the features of the winery from it’s stunning architecture, to the processing areas, steel tanks, barriques and of course led us in tasting three of their signature products: Pietracalda Fiano d’Avellino 2015, Cutizzi Greco di Tufo 2015 and Taurasi Aglianico 2011.  Feudi S. Gregorio is a large producer, bottling 4 million units per year!

After the tasting we enjoyed a gorgeous buffet lunch in their cellar with assorted local cheeses, salamis and delicious prepared dishes.  What a way to start the day!

Next stop, Cantine Antonio Caggiano.  After a few detours we arrived at the understated estate of Antonio Caggiano in the town of Taurasi.  Our humble host Giuseppe Caggiano led us through his family’s enchanting facility which seemed to never end!  The building is furnished with beautifully and cleverly recycled wine barrels – chairs, tables, railing posts, light fixtures, nothing is left to waste!

Giuseppe spoke passionately about his family’s wines and opened Devon – Greco di Tufo 2015, Bechar – Fiano di Avellino 2015 and the very powerful Taurasi for us to taste.  We were very impressed.  In contast to Feudi S. Gregorio, this winery produces 150,000 bottles/yr. Near the end of the tasting we had the pleasure to meet Sig. Antonio Caggiano himself!

After a rest back at the hotel, we headed to Acquapazza for a delicious meal in the fishing town of Cetara where we were introduced to how fresh anchovies are pressed and preserved. 

Now it’s time for bed!