We finally made it to Florence, ready to experience the Renaissance in its full glory, and inspiring as it is, there are a few cautionary tales to share with future travellers.

1. Staying in a hotel downtown is convenient and characteristic, but not very accessible friendly..expect a few steps here and there, in unexpected locations. Look down towards your feet ..and careful where you step.
2. Paths to your hotel room are not always straight..and sidewalks can be very narrow.
3. Places may say they provide free internet or Wi-Fi, but reception is difficult within the historical Centre, especially inside buildings with thick masonry wall…wi-fi works better near windows or courtyards within historical buildings.
4. Some hotels have face cloth that feel more like dish towels. Not very absorbent, but apparently more hygenic.
5. You will find floor 0 in most elevators. This represents the ground floor. Think of it as Ground Zero…

6. Italians care about personal hygiene a lot! You will find a bidet in every hotel bathroom and plenty of pharmacies around the city.Look for the green pharmacy cross symbol. It is everywhere!
7. Enjoy the city and look at the hidden details. Florence has a great story to tell, if you are looking and listening. Take the time to explore it.

It is my favorite place in Italy.