Benvenuto a casa! Welcome home!

I am in Rome, and no matter how crazy busy, stinky, aggressive or polluted it is, this capital of the world is my home. I was born here and lived here for 30 years. This is something that cannot easily be forgotten. I speak its dialect, I master heavy and disorganized car traffic, and I can choose the best trattoria for tonnarelli cacio e pepe. It is in the air. The incredibly familiar background sounds, a chaotic symphony. It wouldn’t be Rome without it. Rome always existed, and will always be Rome – The Eternal City.

  1. My favourite neighborhood to stroll, watch local life and eat: Trastevere
  2. My favourite street to shop: via Candia and via Cola di Rienzo
  3. My favourite sea escape near Rome: San Felice Circeo