Group tours

From a few hours experience to a full day tour, with a bus or by foot, you will always be with a professional guide leading the group. 


Private tours

Relive and rediscover the popular, traditional and historical nature of the past, with its customs and curiosity. 
Choose from any of the followings itineraries.

1. Lo “Struscio Fiorentino”

An itinerary during which you will be told anecdotes, legends and stories really happened (maybe??) out off the canonical paths, without losing sight of the historical and artistic beauty of Florence.

2. La Firenze dell’800

Path that follows the most important and interesting of the time when Florence was the capital of the Kingdom of Italy.

3. I cenacoli di Firenze

A walk through the cenacle of San Marco, St. Apollonia and Onofrio.

4. Oltrarno: la Vera Firenze

Where the “Fiorentinità” is born, our primordial nature, the inherent “goliardia” in our soul. Our cuisine with its smells and flavours. If you want to breathe in the real Florence, follow us on this unique and funny tour.

5. Figli di un Dio minore?

A walk among the churches that no one has the courage to make you visit. Only some Florentines know them, few tourists have ever been there before…

6. Case Torri: grattacieli d’antan

The skyscrapers of Florence in the Middle Ages: the symbol of the modern metropolis, find it’s ancestors in the medieval tower houses, of which Florence has many fine examples.

7– Mons Fiorentinus

From the majesty of the Monumental Cemetery of the “Porte Sante” to the splendour of the Romanesque church of San Miniato al Monte, to make “capolino” of Florence by one of the most beautiful spots of the city, Piazzale Michelangelo, point of view of the cityscape, and a must for tourists visiting the city.

Each itinerary lasts about 2 hours, 75 Euro per person. Minimum 2, maximum 8 participants.

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Notes from one of our Tour Directors - Florence

If you are staying at one of our suggested hotels near the train station, there are lots of informal trattorie nearby serving typical Tuscan cuisine. However, my favourite place is the Central Market, a large food area located in an old building where the ancient food market used to be. Just steps from your hotel! Turn right as soon as you exit from the lobby and then the first right. You cannot miss the building entrance, as it is a short distance into the San Lorenzo market (a great place to buy leather purses and belts, among many other items) . Look for a set of wide stairs on your left of the market alley, the building  resembles a covered food market.  The food market is open 'till midnight, but leather shopping is done by about 6ish..
The part I like most about the food market is that one can browse around and choose their favourite foods. Bring it to the table yourself in a very informal,  vibrant and communal setting. Go crazy: Ribollita, Florentine steak, black or white truffle,  homemade pasta to mozzarella di bufala. YUMMY!!!
It is like heaven for me and I can't get enough of it. So I go for breakfast, lunch and dinner....(for breakfast forget your eggs once and try the greatest cannoli with fresh ricotta and pistachio filling..!)

Once out from the hotel lobby turn right and right again to the first intersection. You will find yourself in the middle of one the most authentic leather market in Florence - The San Lorenzo market. Careful...I say "authentic" , however you have to be able to recognize authentic leather from copies ...

You are in the middle of the action. Everything is at your doorstep! The Duomo and Uffizi are at 10 minutes walking, Train station 2 minute. The Arno river and Ponte Vecchio 15 minutes! If you enjoy art and architecture, I highly recommend a visit inside the Duomo by Brunelleschi,  a visit  to the Medici Chapel, the Laurentian Library and the church of San Lorenzo (all located  together at the end of the San Lorenzo Market). I won't spoil it for you, but you will get a Medici/ Michelangelo/ Brunelleschi blast!! Another favorite is the church of Santa Croce, if you have time..Many of Florence's greats are buried here, including Michelangelo, Niccolo' Machiavelli, Galileo Galilei,  many monuments and works of art. Don't miss the  Medici chapel and the Pazzi Chapel by Brunelleschi.

Traffic and People
This is Florence. Never lacking of any of the two! Just watch your "rear mirrors" when you walk....