What are the differences?

“Should I Travel with a tailor-made Travel Package that fits my travel needs


Should I Travel in Small Groups with like-minded travellers?”

  Independent Travellers Small Groups
Worry free travel We will design the perfect itinerary tailored to your needs and travel style and hand all the details. Service of a local tour leader throughout your journey.
Departures Any time. You decide. Scheduled.
Travel package We provide you with a complete day-by-day itinerary, list of vouchers, addresses and phone numbers and a personal web page with everything you need to know for your trip. Group web page. Great to check your day-by-day itinerary while travelling as well as sharing photos with fellow travellers.
Emergencies during your trip Savour Italy local office phone number 24/7 A local tour leader travels with the group.
Local expert guides at selected destinations Privately dedicated to you. You can customize sightseeing visits and according to your own preferences and needs. Privately dedicated to the group. Cannot be customized.
Private Transportation  Dedicated private vehicle and professional driver as per itinerary. Dedicated coach and professional driver.
Public Transportation As per itinerary, fully customizable: high speed train, local train, ferry, rental car. As per itinerary, if applicable: high speed train, local train, ferry.
Meals A hot and cold buffet breakfast (International and Italian) is always included every day. We can also arrange reservations in restaurants, private chefs and catering. All breakfasts plus a group lunch or a group dinner every day for most packages.