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This is a unique opportunity in Milano and the nearby Lake District for beginner and expert horseback riders to access the highest level of equestrian sport education. It offers the chance to learn and improve your horseback riding skills under the guidance of champion equestrian riders who specialize in show jumping, flatwork and classical riding, dressage, and sport and leisure carriages.

This excellent vacation package is suitable for everyone and perfect for groups, family holidays, and weddings. While someone is riding, others can play a game of golf, explore the nearby mountains and alpine lakes, or simply relax at the welcoming facility. The comfortable and cozy hotels, horse hotels, and agriturismo (farmhouses) offer all of the necessary services to those who love to stay in nature and be in contact with horses. And the affiliated restaurants offer authentic Lombardy regional dishes and wines. 


Horseback Riding Styles


Classic Horse Riding

This is an Equestrian style of riding that focuses on communication between the horse and rider and can involve various jumping techniques and dressage movements.


Western Horse Riding

The Western style of horseback riding reflects the methods of cowboys and ranchers from the old American West. Riders typically use large saddles and light neck-reining techniques.


Trail Horse Riding

Trail riding takes riders on outdoor trails and paths, some of which have been specifically created for horse riding. The level of difficulty often depends on the terrain and distance.


Lombardy is the region you’ll be based in. It is a large northern Italian region with diverse landscapes of dramatic mountains, rolling hills, and vast plains. Its capital city is Milan, which is a global hub for fashion, art, design, and finance, while its Lakes Region is home to iconic destinations like Lake Como, Lake Garda, and Lage Maggiore. Lombardy’s cuisine favours ingredients like rice, beef, and butter, and has many commonalities with the cuisine of central Europe.

The cities and regions of Lombardy each have their own culinary specialties, and some characteristic dishes and desserts include risotto, polenta, and panettone.  Some of the most popular wines from Lombardy are sparkling wines and produced in areas like Franciacorta. High-quality white, red, and rosé wines are also produced in the Valtellina region and along the shores of Lake Garda.


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C$2,620 / US$1,950 per person*

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6 meals

3 delicious and energizing breakfasts and 3 regional typical dinners.


Horseback Riding Classes

2 half-day classes (customizable as you wish)

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3 Days, 2 Nights

3-nights in hotel, horse hotel or agriturismo (Farmhouse) with all comforts.

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Private Transport

Transfers from/to Airport.

*Does not include flights.

lombardy attractions

Bergamo Alps, Italy

Bergamo Alps

Located in the north of Italy’s Lombardy region, the Bergamo Alps (or “Alpi Orobie”) are an impressive mountain range spanning 80km and reaching a peak height of more than 3,000 metres. The imposing beauty of the mountains is reflected in various valleys, summits, pastures, and forests, and the province of Bergamo’s history and culture is closely tied to their existence.

Varenna Village in Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como

Sitting at the base of the Alps and flanked by green hills, Lake Como is a strikingly beautiful Italian lake with a winding shoreline marked by ancient villages, lush gardens, and opulent villas. The iconic lake forms a distinctive upside-down “Y” shape and the sheer beauty of its scenery has been attracting visitors for centuries.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy


Milan is the bustling capital of Italy’s Lombardy region and home to significant cultural and historic sites like the Duomo di Milano cathedral, Santa Maria delle Grazie convent (which houses Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”), and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Milan is a hub for fashion, art, and design, and is recognized for its significant impact on modern Italian culture.



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