New wines in Ontario stores

Un anno fantastico!

A wonderful 2015. A magical-to-be 2016!

Stay tuned for upcoming news from the world of Italian wine, food and travel.

Some good value wines and unique grape varietals I found today in the stores – Saturday, January 9th new Vintages release:

One of my favorite grapes of Emilia Romagna is LAMBRUSCO. This release features a Sparkling Rose Lambrusco. Bertolani $15.95 Product#422865
Do you want to have fun with Italian names? Here is the list of the four denominations (DOCs) of Lambrusco, all in the area of Parma and cities near-by: Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce, Lambrusco di Sorbara, Lambrusco Reggiano, Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro. What a tongue twister (sciogli-lingua)!
Each Lambrusco appellation has its own style of wine. Some sweet, some dry, some fizzy or sparkling, some red or rose’ (yes, Lambrusco is a red grape). My favourite is the red Frizzante version that I always pair with sausages and lentils (a great New Year recipe as it is believed to bring new money….). Refreshing, light bodied, full of spices and raspberries and enhanced by a touch of tannin to make it more interesting. Enjoy it slightly chill.

A unique product is Castellani Sommavite, the fortified “SantoVino” product#000927 500ml $10.95. Sensuous, aromatic, nutty. This is a great value produced by Castellani in the Pisa area of Toscana. Do not confuse this with the typical Vin Santo, which is not fortified but produced with grapes let dry for a few months before the pressing and fermenting process. (Fortified wine = wine with added alcohol, usually brandy). I like this with aged Pecorino, as its salt and pungency balances the soft side of the wine (alcohol+sugar+glycerol).

I am happy to see in the shelves the Primitivo Antico Sigillo from Tenute Emera in Puglia #439596  $19.95. During our last May’s wine tour to Puglia we visited Cantina Moros that, like Tenute Emera, is owned by Claudio Quarta and his daughter Alessandra. I remember during our conversation that they were very eager to get into the Canadian market. I am happy they did it! Congratulations Claudio e Alessandra! 
A complex, austere Primitivo with an intense bouquet of cherry, leather and spices. Eggplant ragu is my favourite pairing. Perhaps with some ‘al dente’ homemade Orecchiette pasta? 

Stay tuned for more wonderful upcoming news from the world of Italian wine, food and travel.

Ciao e buon 2016!