Italy: Gluten-Free Dream Country

Food in Italy is the center of social life and relationship. In addition, Italians are very conscious of the connection between health and food.

Italians, have worked hard to adapt regional cuisines to accommodate those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. So even if gluten is a huge part of Italian cuisine, Italy is one of the easiest place to enjoy food as someone with celiac disease.

If you are planning a trip to these major art cities in Italy, you don’t need to miss the taste of a number of dishes that are regional specialties: In Venice, you can enjoy typical Venetian cooking with fish caught fresh every day, as well vegetables from the lagoon vegetable garden, in places rich in history and tradition in the very heart of the city; Florence is  home to Michelangelo’s David, the Uffizi Gallery and many more marvelous sights. It also gives you the possibility of having break and enjoying the multitude of gluten-free restaurants in lovely cool outside spaces. They have very interesting menus with simple food, fresh choices and many gluten-free options. Rome for those who require a gluten-free diet, there is a wide range of restaurants to choose from in the "Citta’ Eterna" where it’s possible to taste the traditional pasta dishes and crisp Roman- style pizza. So if you are walking through the center from Trastevere (a neighborhood like no other where you can smell the real Rome walking cobblestoned streets lined by charming ivy-coated old building) to Vatican City or Piazza del Popolo, it’s easy to eat authentic Roman cousin that is gluten-free.

The AIC (Associazione Italiana Celiaci)'s website has all the information you need about Celiac disease and gluten-free restaurants in Italy.

Restaurants for Celiacs: In the city of FIRENZE (Florence)

Trattoria Quattro Leoni
Via De' Vellutini 1r | Piazza della Passera, 50125, Florence
+39 055 218562

Vicolo di Santa Maria Maggiore, 1, 50123, Firenze, Italia

Trattoria Pizzeria Da Garibardi
Piazza del Mercato Centrale 38r, 50123, Firenze, Italia

Via Cavour 27, Firenze, Itali

Mister Pizza Firenze
Piazza Del Duomo 5r (Firenze)
Via Pietrapiana, 82 (Firenze)

RISTORANTE  Ciro and Sons
 Via del Giglio 28/r - 50123 Firenze

Largo Pietro Annigoni 9/C - Firenze
Phone: +39.055.245829

Ristorante Lorenzo de' Medici
Via del Giglio, 49/51/R, 50123, Firenze, Italia

Restaurants for Celiacs: In the city of ROMA (Rome)

In the quarter: TRASTEVERE

 Roma | Via di S. Cosimato, 7 – T. (+39) 06 580 62 22

Ristorante Crispi 19
Via Francesco Crispi 19 RM, Roma, Italia

ad hoc
Via di Ripetta, 43 - Roma -Phone: +39 06 3233040 -

Da i Sandri a Trastevere
 Via Roma Libera, 19, 00153 Roma, Italia

In the quarter: TESTACCIO

Lo Scopettaro
Lungotevere Testaccio, 7

In the quarter: Ostiense Piramide

La Fata Ignorante
Via Giuseppe Giulietti 5/5a/7
00154 Roma

In the PANTHEON area: 

Casa Bleve – Via del Teatro Valle, 48, 00186 Roma

Pantha Rei
Via della Minerva, 18/19 | adiacente alla Guardia d'Onore del Pantheon, 00186 Roma, Italia

La Tavernetta 48

In the SAN PIETRO area:

La Soffitta Renovatio
Piazza del Risorgimento, 46/a, Roma, Italia

Voglia di Pizza
Via dei Giubbonari, 33 Tel: 06 687 5293


Via Margutta 1d, 00187 Roma
Telefono: +39 06 3211559

In the COLOSSEO area

Osteria Maracuja
 Largo Corrado Ricci, 1, 00184 Roma, Italia

Restaurants for Celiacs: In the city of VENEZIA (Venice)

Ristorante Al Giardinetto da Severino
Salizada Zorzi | Castello, 4928 Venezia, Italia
39 041 528 5332

Osteria al Pozzo Roverso
Ruga Giuffa, 4829, 30122 Venezia
+39 041 520 2759

Pizzeria Ae Oche - Venezia Santa Lucia
Cannareggio, 158/A
30100 Venezia (VE)

Pizzeria Oke
Dorsoduro 1414, 30123 Venezia, Italia 39 041 520 6601

Trattoria Al Gazzettino
San Marco, 4997  TEL +39 041 521 0497

Dorsoduro 3755 30123 Venezia
Tel + 390418471812

Ristorante Tintoretto
Cannaregio 2578 Venezia
39 041 528 5541

Trattoria Alla Ferrata
S. Croze, Venezia
+39 041 524 6771

Taverna San Trovaso
Sestiere Dorsoduro, 1016, 30123 Venezia
+39 041 520 3703

Enoteca Ai Artisti
Fondamenta della Toletta, Dorsoduro 1169/A
+39 041 523 8922

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