Bubbles for the holidays

You say Champagne, I say Spumante

Please do not think Spumante is 'just' bubbles...!
Spumante is the common Italian word that identifies a fizzy, bubbly wine. Most of all, Spumante refers to a technique of vinification. It can be single fermentation (like most Proseccos) or double fermentation (as in the best Franciacorta DOCG or Trento DOC), in which case we say 'Metodo Classico' or 'Tradizionale'.

Quality of a Spumante can be often determined by looking at the 'perlage' of the wine (the bubbles) when you use a V-shape glass ('flute'): small size bubbles, high quantity and density of bubbles and persistence of the column of bubbles are often a well indicator that you have a very fine wine in that glass. Enjoy it!